Since the start of Ann Jangle, she has received a substantial amount of airplay and very good write ups all over South-Africa and Europe.

2012 gave way to the Debut album ‘acoustic archive’. With a very acoustic sound, deeply rooted in the blues. Ann’s love for Dark, underground sounds & odd music genres called her to a greater challenge, a deep desire to break free from a box and create her own style.

Ann Jangle's last South African tour to Mozambique, before relocating to Berlin, Germany.

Ann Jangle’s last South African tour to Mozambique, before relocating to Berlin, Germany.


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The much anticipated 2nd album “KICKING SAWDUST” launched in Cape Town, South-Africa in MARCH 2015, with a more powerful sound than ever before. On this album Ann is joined by a 8 piece band on different instruments including Trumpet, Celo, Banjo, Saxophone, Accordion and many more. It features some of South Africa’s finest talent and has featured on many Music Review Platforms such as ‘Kalulah Inflight Magazine’, ‘Kfm Radio’s Artist of the Week’, ‘Texx and the City Album Review’, ‘Wat Kyk Jy’, ‘European Music Bloggers Forum” and many more.


With a Dark Folk, Gypsy-SKA undertone, Ann’s passion for experimenting has driven her to many different recipes for great entertainment.

“It’s nice to see a band live up to the hype. Ann Jangle is quite frankly one of the finest front women you will see, furiously strumming at her guitar and singing in a wild, deep voice”
LMG Magazine Feb.2013

“Her second Album “Kicking Sawdust, Produced by Albert Meintjies and Ann Jangle herself, it is a massive piece of work with big, bold sounds and a rich variety of styles and genres, something they have pulled off to an almost-flawless degree.”
Texx and the City 2015

“Her sexy, husky voice & dark lyrics casts a spell on you, hypnotizes you and then you find yourself in a alternate world of black magic folk, blues & gypsy jazz carnival like a whirlwind about to blow your brain. Sax , trumpet – eerie folk blues – and sometimes if you are not looking , hard rock riffs that bring you home again. The music tempos fast and slow – highs and lows that sweep you away . I don’t know – she’s a rock and roll Marlene Dietrich – singer- alien child of blues. I don’t have a favorite song. I listen to it like i do to a good vinyl – from start to finish . But I must say, ‘Ann Rangle’ and ‘A Good Day For sarcasm’ passed the goosebump test . Fucking hell . Best album of 2015 so far for me.”
Wat kyk jy Music Review May 2015

Since starting her career as a full time musician in 2011, Ann has solely been based in Cape Town, South-Africa, but has recently relocated to Berlin, Germany as a result of her deep desire to gain more experience and knowledge of music internationally.

“Ann is a unique specimen, a breath of fresh air to the underground music scene. She is who she is, come rain or shine. Her lyrics are quite shocking at times and pierces through the bullshit of today’s personas people hide behind. I’m excited to be witnessing her growth” – Berlin Underground music Blog September 2015

Ann Jangle's final performance in Cape Town - South Africa, Before relocating to Germany.

Ann Jangle’s final performance in Cape Town – South Africa, before relocating to Germany.

1 year, 17 countries and 2 brutal tours later, Ann Jangle joined the bill at Afrika Tage Festival, Vienna, Austria where she opened for Nneka, the powerful female Reggae Dub artist from Nigeria.

Since then Ann has been traveling around with a much smaller set up and still the big sound as usual. Less people, more power.\\Currently back in South Africa, Ann will be heading to the USA over June and July to perform among some other great performers.